About the Berky Music Academy

The Berky Music Academy, established 1986, offers first class tuition in performance and musicology from world renowned musicians and teachers.

Students are accepted from beginner level through to advanced, masterclasses and teaching programs cover everything from recreational musicianship through to examinations and concert standard performances.

The Berky Music Academy specialises in expert tuition in Flute, Recorder, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, History of Music, Harmony, Melody, Aural, Rhythm, Theory and Musicianship.

Both Albin Berky an Julia Fekete-Berky are accredited teachers by Sydney University, Conservatorium of Music [*see*] with 28 years playing and teaching experience in Europe and in Australia.

The fast progressive method and expert tuition from simple songs to 12 bars blues to major Sonata or Clarinet Concerto from Mozart, Weber, Nelson, Francaix.

Saxophone Sonata and Concerto from Galzunov, Ibert, Milhaud.

Oboe Sonata or Concerto from Vivaldi, Mozart to Straus,Martinu, Ibert, Hidas...

Flute Sonata or Concerto from Vivaldi, Quantz, Mozart, Ibert, Nelson, Boulez, Stockhausen...

Recorder Vivaldi Concerto in detail of style and musical phrase with creation of sound in the magic.


Julia Fekete Berky
Dip.Mus.Perf, Dip.Mus.Educ.
(Bratislava Conservatorium of Music)

JULIA FEKETE- BERKY, director of the Berky Music Academy, was born in Czechoslovakia, Bratislava. She has became Australian citizen in 1981. She is a graduate with 6 years at The Bratislava State Conservatorium of Music and 3 years University, where she majored in Flute and took courses in Music Theory, History and Piano.

For more than six years she was principal flautist in the National Orchestra and toured Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Austria, Cuba, Africa and as soloist in the USSR and Sweden. Julia has had experience as a backing and solo singer popular and dance music styles as well as orchestral flutist. While still as a student, she worked with the Radio Symphony and Television Orchestra in Bratislava and gave a number of television and radio broadcasts. Julia performed as a soloist flute sonata in Johan Nepomuk Hummel biography documentary movie.

In 1975 Julia won First Prize and 1977 Second Prize in the Conservatorium Flute Competitions. She was also awarded First Prize in a University Competition for all instruments .

1981 and participated in the International Competition at the Prague Spring Festival the same year. Since arriving in Australia in 1981, Julia lectured at the Riverina College of Advanced Education ( now Charles Sturt University) and joined the Riverina Trio. She has given a number of ABC radio broadcasts and a number of public recitals as a soloist and chamber flautist with the Trio in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and cities through NSW, ACT....

In 1982, Julia won First Prize in the Newcastle Mattara Festival Concerto Competition performing J. Ibert Concerto for flute and orchestra. In 1985, she returned to Europe.

She participated in a Flute Competition in Radio Munich, Germany Federal Republic, performing most of flute repertoire and becoming a finalist. In 1987, she was Principal Flautist in the Sydney Opera Ensemble Orchestra.

1989-91– Julia was Specialist Examiner for Flute with the Australian Music Examinations Board, 1986 - Director at the Berky Music Academy, Freelance soloist and flautist of The Berky Trio.

1993-95; 2000 – Flute Lecturer Australian International Conservatorium of Music. Many of her students are professional orchestral flutists, soloists and flute teachers internationally and in Australia, Students has achieved approximately 150 awards and prizes in NSW Eisteddfods and Competitions in all different sections.

Julia Berky Repertoire

Julia and Albin Repertoire


Dr. Albin Berky
PhD (UK) Honoris Causa, Dip.Mus.Perf, Dip.Mus.Ed. (Bratislava Conservatorium of Music)

Dr. ALBIN BERKY, director of the Berky Music Academy, son of Prof. Albin Berky Snr. the world renowned Cellist (more...), was born in Czechoslovakia. Albin Jnr studied violin in Dublin in 1968-69 at the Royal Academy of Music while his father was Visiting Professor of Cello at the Academy. He has became Australian citizen in 1981.

From 1970-77, he studied 7 years at The State Conservatorium of Music Bratislava where he majored in oboe and took courses in Music History, Theory, piano, conducting. His other musical interests include arranging, woodwind pedagogy (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophones). Several of his compositions have been played on the radio and television Bratislava. He has had experience as a popular - dance, jazzrock, folk, classical saxophonist and woodwind player. Albin has had experience teaching and playing instruments such as classical percussion and guitar.

In 1975, Albin won prize the Conservatorium Oboe competition and subsequently toured Europe as a freelance musician where he played in orchestras and chamber groups. He also taught at the Bratislava School of Music, Slovakia.

He has arrived in Australia in 1980, when he began teaching in Sydney and joined the Australian Chamber Orchestra. From 1981, he lectured at the Riverina College of Advanced Education (now Charles Sturt University) as part of the Associate Diploma of Arts and established woodwind teaching at the Conservatorium Centres in Wagga, Albury and community based School of Music, Griffith.

His former students are professional teachers, orchestral players and soloists in Australia and Internationally. They have also achieved approximately 150 awards and prizes in NSW Eisteddfods and Competitions in all different sections (Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder, and Saxophone) Albin Berky established the Riverina Trio and was the leader until 1986.

He has given many public recitals and ABC broadcasts with the trio and also as a soloist through NSW and ACT. Albin appears in the Who’s Who in the world American publication through his outstanding achievements for service to community and music and in the Outstanding People of the 20th Century

1986 – He was President of Slovak Art Association Sydney, Woodwind lecturer, Sydney College of Advanced Education (now Sydney University). 1986 - Director at the Berky Music Academy. Freelance musician, woodwind player and oboist of The Berky Trio.

1995 – Slovak Cultural Mission Australia Tour 95, Bratislava Conservatorium Chamber Choir Liaison – Project Manager 17 Recitals Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne.

1993 – 95; 2000 – Woodwind Lecturer Australian International Conservatorium of Music

2003 – Received United Kingdom Degree of Music, from Ansted University, BVI (Doctor Honoris Causa, in recognition of the exemplary contribution to the music and Music Education and dedication to the development to the music pedagogy in Woodwind Instruments and Musicology and its application.

Albin Berky Repertoire

Julia and Albin Repertoire


Albin & Julia are certified for Working with Children by NSW Commission for Children

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